The most important step.

A proper preparation stage is essential in ensuring you get the most out of your coating, wax or sealant. Products will not be able to work at their optimal level unless the surface has been decontaminated, and rid of all contaminants.

Concours has made this easy for you with new innovative products that allow you to easily, and effectively remove contamination from all surfaces.


The most advanced clay lubricant on the market.

Experience innovation through a clay lubricant that provides superior lubrication, whilst also chemically removing iron fallout to give you a more thorough decontamination process. Purify makes the whole claying process safer, and more effective with a simple spray application. 

Prepare paintwork the right way with Purify, and get the most out of your finish.


Remove oils and residue simply and easily – streak free.

Clarity is a highly effective cleaner that has been specifically designed to remove oils and residue from any automotive surface. IPA based products tend to have a high evaporation rate, which means they lift oils to the surface but do not remove them.

Through the use of CLARITY you will be able to rid the surface of any polishing oils, or any other form of residue and ensure that the surface is completely clean.