An innovative range of compounds at the cusp of modern technology.

Completely transform your car by removing any type of defect, on any paint system utilising the Concours polishing system.

Redefine polishing, and make correction easier, and more effective.


A versatile, high-gloss cutting compound that removes even the heaviest of paint defects with ease.

Precision produces an incredibly refined finish for a cutting compound, finishing down to an intense high-gloss, with minimal haze.

Precision is on the cusp of compound technology, whilst also being incredibly easy and simple to use.


A innovative, and unique finishing compound that produces a breath-taking shine onto any paint system.

Finesse removes light paint defects, whilst unlocking new levels of gloss onto the paintwork.

Simple, versatile and effective to use, Finesse is usable on an array of paint systems, with a multitude of pad combinations.


An innovative, new unique style of All-In-One Polishes.

Morph brings glass coating technology into the realm of AIO, removing medium-heavy defects with ease, and instilling an SiO2 based resin onto the surface.

Morph will protect paintwork for up to 6 months, whilst also producing epic levels of gloss and crazy levels of repellency and resistance.