Nova Spray Coatings


The Nova Spray Coatings are innovative solutions in which provide long-lasting protection to your vehicle, whilst transforming the surface to give epic levels of gloss and repellency. Spray Coatings attract less dust than a wax, are much easier to apply and last months with a simple spray & wipe application. Enter the future of car care with Nova Spray Coatings.

Incredibly Hydrophobic

A simple spray & wipe will transform the surface of your vehicle to repel water & contaminants at an intense level.

The car will remain cleaner for longer, be so much easier to maintain and water will bead off the surface effortlessly due to electronegativity and its unique surface energy.

Nova Jet stands above the rest for crazy levels of water repellency.

Epic Gloss

Transform your car into a moving mirror, creating an immense gloss onto the paintwork with a simple spray & wipe. The unique formulation allows paintwork to not only be enhanced, but to also unlock new levels of gloss onto the paintwork – providing the ultimate metallic pop and wet look.

Nova Lustre remains our glossiest Spray Coating to date.

Both spray coatings are effortless to use, but specialise in different areas.

Nova Lustre is more about unlocking gloss, and instilling a super slick layer on the surface. It will fill minor imperfections, and focus completely on aesthetically transforming your vehicle.

Nova Jet also adds a level of gloss, but introduces a new level of self-cleaning and repellency on the surface.

Both of these products are great to use together, applying Lustre first, and then Jet on top.

Nova Jet

  • Gloss 70%
  • Water Beading 98%
  • Durability 50%
  • Ease of Application 90%
  • Slickness 65%
  • UV Resistance 90%

Nova Lustre

  • Gloss 90%
  • Water Beading 70%
  • Durability 65%
  • Ease of Application 80%
  • Slickness 100%
  • UV Resistance 90%

Effortless Application

Nothing can beat a simple spray & wipe application. Coat your car in minutes, and reap the many rewards that spray coatings have on offer. Get that amazing wet look, ridiculous repellency/protection and gloss that lasts months not weeks.