We have devoted a lot of time & research into developing a leather care system that works on almost all automotive leather. 99% of the time you are not sitting on the actual hide of the leather, you are sitting on pigmented leather that has been coated to allow the leather to be more durable and to help it to retain the leathers natural oils. So you are not trying to clean, condition or protect your leather, you are actually trying to preserve the top coated finish of the leather.

So it’s coated, I don’t have to do anything right?

Not exactly, for the coating to function properly it needs to remain hydrated. These new range of products will help safely clean the coating and help hydrate them in the process to help stop creasing & cracking. They provide a new level of protection where the pigmented finish falls short of.

Our coating helps protect the leather from light abrasion, dye transfers from clothes & other possible stains. it also slightly darkens the leather, giving the leather a new & enhanced look, while not making the surface look greasy.

All of this can sound a little confusing, or a bit too hard. But the products are simple, easy to use and produce great results.


A water-based, highly effective leather cleaner that has been specifically designed to clean, hydrate and treat automotive leather surfaces.

This gentle, yet highly effective formula will gently seep into the pores of the leather, pulling out any impurities.

Cleanse not only deeply cleans the leather surface, but hydrates the surface – keeping it clean, flexible and healthy.


A simple, effective water-based cleaner/protectant for all leather surfaces.

Concours Nourish cleans, hydrates and protects pigmented, and non-pigmented leather surfaces simply and effectively.

If you are looking for a quick, easy solution to care for your leather in one-step, then Nourish is perfect for you.


A innovative, water-based leather coating that will protect your leather for months, not weeks.

Guardian helps protect the leather from jean & dye transfer along with preventing deterioration through UV exposure, and cracking/creasing.

It instills a darkening effect onto the surface, without glossing up the leather. The surface coating will last 9-12 months on average, but when maintaining with Nourish durability can see 18+ months.